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Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Last summer David Leibovitz posted a recipe for Green Salad with Peas, Green Beans, and Buttermilk Ranch Dressing and it changed my salad eating days. In general I prefer to make my own dressing but have stuck to simple vinaigrettes. I almost never made a creamy dressing but something about this recipe spoke to me.

This dressing makes me want to eat salads. It seemed I couldn't make enough. I shared it with friends and they went through it just as quickly. The great thing is it's easy to put together. It's a matter of chopping a few fresh ingredients and combining it with buttermilk, mayonnaise, and seasonings.

There are only two small things I changed. The first is not using real buttermilk. My market carries quart size containers of buttermilk and I couldn't use it fast enough before it went bad. Yes I could use it for baking but that's honestly one of the last things I wanted to do in the middle of summer. So I make a quick homemade version buttermilk by adding …

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