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David Lebovitz's Madeleines

For me, the month of July means one thing, Le Tour de France. I'm not a cyclist and never will be. In fact, the last time I was on a bike that wasn't stationary I ran directly into a hedge. I started watching the Tour years ago and look forward to it each year. In addition to watching the amazing athleticism of the competitors, I love seeing the French cities and towns the Tour passes through. And while the mountain stages in the Alps and Pyrénées are my favorites, I love the sweeping views of the peloton passing through gorgeous fields of sunflowers and lavender.

So this month's Moveable Feast theme, Summer in Provence, was perfect. We spent a lovely, lazy afternoon enjoying the sun, chatting, laughing, and, of course, enjoying delicious food. A little bit of France in our corner of the world.

For this Feast I made dessert. I found a recipe on Saveur for Lavender Honey Ice Cream. The ice cream was accompanied by a version of madeleines that were made in mini loaf pans ins…

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