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Reminicing about a fantastic food weekend in Portland

My friends recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary and I was reminded of one of the most fun, touching, and best weddings I attended. It was held in Portland, Maine, a city that remains a favorite of the couple and which allowed me to explore a great food destination over the course of the weekend.

From the freshest seafood to craft beers, Portland is well deserving of its Bon Appetit 2018 Restaurant City of the Year title. In our short time there we hit up as many places as we could but there was so much more to explore. I see why my friends love it so much and I only wish I spent more time there.

We started our eating adventures at Fore Street, one of the establishments of the food scene in Portland. Knowing that a delicious and satisfying meal was waiting for us at the end of our drive, we headed out of Boston to brave the Friday evening traffic, spurred on by what awaited us. We chose to forgo the wedding welcome festivities because we knew it was the only opportunity…

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