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Cornflake Cookies and a Cause

I have two things to share with you in this post - a fantastic cookie recipe and a great cause to support. Let's start with one of my very favorite cookies; a simple shortbread-like cookie with cornflakes. I don't think it's a uniquely Hawaii creation but it's definitely popular here. Every Christmas, my sister's co-worker would give us a big container of cornflake cookies. It was a holiday tradition I always looked forward to and I was sad when her co-worker retired because we no longer had these cookies to share. It has taken me a long time to find the right recipe so I could make them myself. Through testing and modifying I have varied the amount of cornflakes, vanilla, salt, and baking soda. I have mixed the cornflakes in the dough, rolled the dough in cornflakes, and done a mixture of the two. The final result is a buttery, slightly crumbly cookie with just a slight chew from the cornflakes incorporated in the dough and a nice crunch from the cornflake crumb co

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