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Mediterranean-Inspired Stuffed Peppers

or what you make when your CSA gives you peppers and more peppers and more peppers Updated September 2021 One of the staples of the late summer, early fall farm share is a plethora of peppers - bell peppers, sweet peppers, and hot peppers. Last year the majority of the bell peppers were green, my least favorite of the bells. This year the primary color was yellow but we had a fair share of reds, greens, purples, and whites too. Last year I made a Stuffed Bell Pepper recipe from Cook's Illustrated's The Best Light Recipe . It's a lightened version of a traditional stuffed pepper using ground turkey - delicious. This year I used Eat Your Books (read my earlier post ) to find alternatives and to see if there was anything more tempting. That's how I discovered Ellie Krieger's Greek-Style Stuffed Peppers in her book The Food You Crave . It's my new favorite. The filling is a mixture of lean ground beef (I have also used a mixture of ground beef and ground tu

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