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Chocolate Pistachio Marbled Cupcakes

This week I reimagined another family cookbook favorite, transforming a bundt cake into festive Easter cupcakes. This is one of those old-fashioned recipes that many families, including ours, shared through the years. And with some small differences, the recipe has shown up in countless church cookbooks and on many potluck tables. I have nothing against bundt cakes, but for Easter I wanted something fun that gave everyone their own individual treat. The recipe comes together quickly thanks to a few shortcuts – a box of yellow cake mix, a box of instant pistachio pudding, and bottled chocolate syrup. Who doesn’t love a shortcut? And this recipe gives you three! Instead of measuring multiple ingredients, you can spend the time making pretty marble swirls and decorating your cupcakes. The bundt cake is often served plain or with a dusting of powdered sugar. But a cupcake deserves a bit more embellishment. I contemplated different frostings but, in the end, I chose a simple ganache. I also

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