Holiday Menu

I've started to come up with a holiday menu, just can't seem to get anyone to accept an invitation. Are they telling me something?


  • Warm Marcona almonds
  • Lemon Garlic olives from Whole Foods
  • Champagne or Proseco


  • Shaved fennel and orange salad


Cheese course:

  • I'm still thinking about this one. A strong blue is a must (because I love it), an aged goat cheese, and then something mild and creamy


  • I have options here and it will depend on who comes to dinner (if anyone) but I'm leaning toward tiramisu or trifle

Okay so the menu hasn't totally come together and I still have to select the wines (I'm not particularly good at that). But I hope I get the chance to make this menu. It may not be for the holidays but sometime when it's still cold outside.