I Can Bring Home The Bacon (Salt)

There has been a lot of talk recently about the different types of salts and how the subtle flavors can change a dish. Here's one that didn't quite make the epicurean lists:

A friend of mine is fascinated with a product called Bacon Salt. He hasn't seen it in real life, hasn't tasted it, but he knows he loves it. It claims to have no calories, no fat, is vegetarian, and kosher. They have a number of different varieties, even one that's low sodium (low sodium salt, hmmmm, well they do it with soy sauce so why not with salt?)

I must admit my foodie sensibilities balk at the idea of using a substitute instead of the real thing. But the other part of me is strangely intrigued by the idea. What could I put this stuff on? Now when you work with a bunch of guys, the question really is, "What wouldn't I put this stuff on?" They're ready to do all numbers of experiments, all in the name of science and bacon-goodness. If they go through with any of their ideas I will be sure to link them.

In addition to salt the company makes Baconnaise - bacon-flavored mayo - another intriguing product. But I have to draw the line at the bacon-flavored lip balms (shudders at the thought). The guys, of course, thought this was a fabulous idea.

I predict that sometime in the near future Bacon Salt will find its way into my kitchen, just for the pure fascination factor. Until then, I will leave you with this - for those who love the real thing (and I do mean love) - one of my co-workers sent me this link. My stomach hurt just looking at it but, of course, the boys thought it looked delicious.