Recipe Mashups

I was watching Top Chef the other night as one of the show's latest victims, Gene, was asked to pack his knives and go home. He made, what appeared to be, an amazing deep-fried whole red snapper - yum. He served it on top of daikon fettucini with tomato and basil. Huh? I'm all for unique and creative combinations, it's how cuisine evolves, but it has to make sense. An Asian-style whole-fish with a pseudo-Italian inspired radish pasta does not make much sense.

It got me thinking about what the ultimate Girl Talk recipe would look like. What am I talking about? Girl Talk, a.k.a. Greg Gillis, is an awesome mashup artist who takes samples from different, seemingly stylistically-incompatible artists (Sly & the Family Stone, Cheryl Lynn, The Carpenters, Ludacris, Metallica, Hall & Oats, Dr. Dre, to name a few) and blends them into something completely new, cool, and amazing. The samples move in and out of each other, flawlessly merging and blending, tripping over and through each other - it's a feast for your ears. Sometimes a snippet is so small, you barely have a taste before it's gone. One of my favorites lasts maybe 15 seconds and blends samples from Salt-n-Pepa, Nirvana, and Deee-Lite (check out his latest album, Feed the Animals).

So my point is, there must be equally crazy recipes out there that take seemingly discordant ingredients to produce an amazing dish. And just so we're clear, taking an existing recipe and adding the same spice blend and/or chiles to them does not make it new or even exciting (you know who I'm talking about).


  1. You describe food in a such a... delicious way... you know what the new trend is? Apparently, chef's.. like really really really high end chef like to make and shape food into other foods.. so for example.. there might be "cake" but its actually oysters... if more than anything, thats like a new way to decorate but its really cool huh?


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