Sandwich Feasting

Another Moveable Feast has come and gone with much laughter and much too much eating. But that's really the point of these fabulous get togethers.

Our latest theme, as I wrote about earlier, was Sandwiches. Sandwiches are highly deceptive things, especially when cut into cute little, afternoon tea-sized bites. Before you know it you've gobbled down enough to equal 10 full-sized sandwiches and you're sinking into food coma.

You'll see that our menu ranged from the whimsical and nostalgic to "adult" sandwiches. We loved them all and look forward to the next feast.

- Egg salad sandwiches
- Cucumber sandwiches
- Conte, proscuitto, watercress sandwiches
- PBnJ sandwiches
- Fluffernutter sandwiches (with banana if you wanted it extra special)

- Lobster rolls
- Pork bahn mi
- Croque monsieur
- Chicken lettuce wraps

- Pumpkin whoopie pies