Home in the Islands

I was home recently - home being Honolulu - and had two weeks of eating bliss. I thought about documenting my nostalgia-filled food journey but never quite got it done. All that wonderful island food did nothing for my goal to lose 30 pounds this year - it set me back 3 pounds - but it was worth it. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Kal-bi, bbq chicken, and pickled veggies from Ono Korean B-B-Q on Waialae Ave.
  • Kim chee fried rice from Big City Diner
  • Squid luau and lots and lots of snow crab legs at the Sunday Brunch at Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch & Crab
  • More than a few meals at Zippy's - chili, fried chicken, mahi bun, fried saimin
  • Char sui bao, kalua pig bao, ma tai su, sui mai from Royal Kitchen on River Street in Chinatown
  • Garlic chicken from Sugoi
That's just a sampling. Not to mention eating cake noodles (why is this only in Hawaii?), malasadas, spicy tuna poke, and all the other good things I just can't find on the mainland.
Some of the things I didn't get to on this trip:
  • Hamburger steak plate from Kakaako Kitchen
  • Shave ice from Waiola Shave Ice
  • Just about anything from 3660 on the Rise (my favorite restaurant in Honolulu)
  • Crab-stuffed, tempura ahi from Monarch Seafood


  1. Your comment about cake noodles only in Hawaii is so true. When we visit LA, we try ordering it and they look at us funny. After talking stories with the workers, they said they call it pan-fried noodles. It's not quite the same, but was close enough.

  2. Yes you're right - I can only get pan-fried noodles here on the East Coast. They don't have the same density and moistness as cake noodles.


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