Epic Fail - The Beef Jerky Experiment

It's funny how the boys provide endless fodder for stories. The latest episode is, "The Great Beef Jerky Experiment." Apparently if you own a dehydrator (the kind you use to make dried fruits) then you can also make beef jerky. With a little time (a little over 6 hours) and planning you can have your own tasty dried beef treats, ready for consumption.

So the boys had the brilliant idea that they would marinate the meat overnight, bring it into the office the next day, start up the dehydrator, and by the end of the day the jerky would be ready to go (for the long commute home, I guess). Everything was going well this morning. The dehydrator was set up, the meat was soaking in its tasty marinade, all that was left was placing it in the dehydrator and letting it run. Sounds perfect.

Except, what the recipes failed to mention is that it's best to run this little contraption outside - like in a garage or on a deck - somewhere with good ventilation. When I got into the office they asked me to walk down the hall toward the office where the dehydrator was set up. And as I approached, the smell got stronger and stronger. If you didn't know what was going on you would assume that someone heated up something in the microwave - not a big deal. But when I opened the office door I was hit with a wall of teriyaki meat scented deliciousness. It was a fantastic smell, but not for the office. Still, at that point, the boys thought they were okay.

As I sat at my desk down the hall, the smell seemed to get stronger and stronger. Next thing I knew, the office manager was walking around trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. Needless to say, it was strongly recommended that the office might not be the place to conduct this experiment and the project was aborted.

One of the boys will take the dehydrator and meat home tonight and finish things up in the privacy of his home. I'm curious to see if it'll work. Since others have done it, I'm sure it does but with these guys, I'm not sure if I'll trust the results. They'll have to taste it before I will, I'm sure.