Presidential Noshing

Recently the Associated Press published a story on some of President Obama's favorite eateries on Oahu. Thanks M for sending it to me. So you know I couldn't resist adding my own comments to his selections.
  • Indigo - have heard of it but never been there. (As a side note I found the AP's comment, "locals like Kelsey Grammer," to be funny and clearly not written by someone from Hawaii. By Hawaii standards, Kelsey Grammer may be a resident but he wouldn't be considered a local.)
  • Alan Wong's - there are many talented chefs who excel at Hawaii Regional Cuisine. I enjoy Alan Wong's but I believe that 3660 on the Rise is one of the best. I enjoyed this article about the President's most recent visit to his restaurant.
  • Rainbow Drive-In - a classic and one of my favorites. My favorite after-the-beach snack is a bbq burger, side of mac salad, and slush float.
  • Zippy's - chili, mahi bun, fried saimin, ox tail stew, Zip Pac. Ya, we go there a lot.
  • Island Snow Shave Ice - never been because my favorite place to go is Waiola Shave Ice
  • Chowder House - yup, used to go here all the time
  • Sakura Restaurant - never been but they did menion spam musubi
  • Kua Aina Sandwich - mmmmmm burgers
  • Baskin-Robbins - found it funny that this made it to the list
  • Koko Marina Paradise and Kokonuts Shave Ice - see Island Snow Shave Ice
  • Mariposa - I like this restaurant. The popovers and lilikoi butter, sooo good (I know, not your typical island food but still...)
There are so many great places to eat. I've listed some of my favorites and will continue to add more.
As another little side note, our next Moveable Feast theme is foods associated with significant places from President Obama's life. I plan to try Alan Wong's Soy Braised Short Ribs. I'm not sure if I'll make the full recipe (with the kim chee fried rice and ko choo jang sauce) - it may be a bit much. Oh but it sounds so good right now!