Friends & Food

In the heat of the summer I've rediscovered cooking. And the reason is, I've made a friend in the building who loves food as much as I do. In a way we've created our own little co-op - she has a car and takes me grocery shopping and I cook. And it's not a one-way street as she does her share of cooking too.

We've developed a lovely cameraderie where she'll come down to my apartment and we'll spend an hour or two pouring over my cookbooks and magazines looking for new recipes to try. Or I'll get a text message saying, "shall I bring some of this down for you to try?" After a long day of work and an hour-long commute, there's nothing more welcoming than a smile and a spontaneous meal with a friend.

One ritual we've developed is making a weekly batch of the Olive Oil Granola I mentioned in a previous post. It is absolutely delicious and we can't get enough of it. Although, since we're both trying to learn the lesson of quality over quantity, we limit ourselves and try to share the bounty with other friends.

Not all our attempts are as successful as the granola but ultimately it's about our friendship and it's only enhanced by food.