Cookbooks, recipes, and technology

I recently bought a Kindle and I love it. Traveling and commuting with books was always a pain, the Kindle has changed all that. I'm all about buying e-books with one exception, cookbooks. I love leafing through cookbooks, reading through recipes, salivating over pictures. I can't resist them when I'm walking through a bookstore (remember those?). Comparatively I don't know that I have a huge collection but it's probably larger than most.

As my collection grows the one thing that becomes increasingly difficult is finding recipes for particular ingredients. For years I've wished for a resource where I could punch in a few key ingredients and the results would bring back every related recipe in every cookbook I owned. That day has finally come and I am beyond excited!

Eat Your Books ( is the exact resource I wished for. I spent one Saturday morning adding my collection of cookbooks (and even magazines and blogs I follow) to my personal library. Now I can type in "collard greens" or "pork belly" or "stilton" and a list of recipes comes back. I just have to go to my shelf and pull the cookbook and I'm good to go. About 70% of the cookbooks on my shelf are indexed on the site. The remaining books are in queue to be indexed, I can request to have them indexed, or I can manually index them.

I love it! I don't know if it's a life-changer but for a foodie like me it's definitely up there.