I'm here for the food

There are many reasons why I travel. First and foremost to be with friends and family that I love. Secondly to see or do new things, have adventures. But after that I'm there for the food - high brow, street food, local fast food, I want it all.

Earlier this year I spent some time in the UK - London and Edinburgh to be specific. In addition to experiencing London before the crush of fans arrived for the summer games, we literally ate our way through the city. I'll share a few of the memorable things we ate on our trip.

First official meal in London was in Chinatown at Haozhan Restaurant on Gerrard Street. Our meal started with Ginger Scallion Scallops. Love that the scallops are served with the roe, something I've never seen here in the States.

Ginger Scallion Scallops

After lunch, to fortify ourselves, we stopped at Bar Italia - a cafe we learned about on Anothony Bourdain's show The Layover. Loved sitting at the sidewalk tables watching the world go by even though the weather was misty and cool. We generally found that coffee in the UK was weaker than coffee served in the U.S. so it was nice to find good strong espresso.

Double espresso at Bar Italia

The day's feasting ended with dinner at Kettner's. I loved the starter and dessert. Unfortunately my entree of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding was more a feast for the eyes; not so the stomach.

Paté, red onion marmalade, and crusty bread

Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding

Pavlova with mango and passion fruit

And that was just day one. More to come...