Korean Mundoo

Our New Year's Eve Tradition

Happy 2013 and welcome to my first post of the year. New Year's Eve in Hawaii is about friends, family, and food - a common theme of this blog. There are some who go to the fancy dress parties drinking champagne and dancing at midnight but most folks are gathered together eating lots of good, home-cooked food. The different cultures represented in Hawaii mean that you'll find anything from sushi and sashimi to lumpia to crispy gau gee to smoked turkey on the table. Everyone brings something and there's always too much.

Korean mundoo

One of our good friends is half Korean and her family's tradition was to make Korean dishes like meat jun and mundoo on New Year's Eve. From her family, my sister and I learned how to make mundoo and have adopted it as one of our traditions.

Many cultures have some form of a dumpling and each family has their own special recipe. This is our interpretation of our friend's recipe. As with many family recipes, the amounts are approximate and can be adjusted according to taste.

Preparing the Filling

Filling ingredients
Prepping filling ingredients

Mixing the filling by hand
Mixing the filling by hand

Filling placed on dumpling wrapper
Place about a tablespoon of filling in each skin

Folding the Mundoo

Dumpling sealed into a half moon
Fold into a half-moon

I don't make mundoo without my sister because she does such a beautiful job forming the dumplings (as you'll see below). When I make an attempt it looks "rustic" for lack of a better description. I function much better in the role of sous chef - prepping the filling ingredients and taking it to the half-moon stage and then cooking the mundoo after they're folded. But don't be intimidated, they taste good in whatever form they take.

Dumpling edges are crimped
Fold over small portions of the edge to create a "braided" look

Finished dumpling
Finished dumpling with a perfectly crimped edge

Cooking the Mundoo

Dumplings are boiled first
Boil for approximately 2 minutes

Dumplings are drained
Drain on a rack

Finished dumpling after frying
Finished product after the fry stage



  1. Those look yummy. Kent and I may have to try them!


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