New Season, New Food Trucks in Boston

It's spring and new food trucks are popping up around Boston. Monday was the start of the new spring schedule for food trucks in Boston and there were a number of new trucks on the list. I've updated my Twitter list to include the newcomers and some trucks that I'm just learning about myself.

Fugu Truck (@fugutruck) is one of the trucks I was most looking forward to trying. Any menu with Asian street food and pork belly will definitely catch my eye. Securing a weekly spot near my office (Milk & Kilby streets) made it a lot easier for me to try them out. The tricky part was getting out of my office to grab a bite. By the time I got there a number of things had sold out (glad they're having a successful first week). I look forward to coming weeks when I can get there in time to try  the other items on the menu.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Kim chee bulgogi panini

Pork belly and house-made pickles in steamed bun
I wasn't going to have the panini - not a lot of dairy in Asian food - but it was just the right amount of cheese and oddly worked with the Asian ingredients. I highly recommend it.

Other trucks I'm looking forward to trying? A4 Truck (@A4truck) the mobile counterpart to Kendall Square's Area Four. And I always love a good street taco and there are a number of trucks that I haven't had a chance to try including The Taco Truck (@TheTacoTruck), Taco Party (@TacoPartyTruck), and Baja Taco Truck (@BajaTacoTruck).

If you want to find your favorite truck, check out the city's food truck schedule.