Anna Miller's Fresh Strawberry Pie

Earlier in the summer I told you about the first fresh strawberry pie we made. And while it was a good attempt, the pie I really craved was from a 24-hour restaurant/diner in Hawaii called Anna Miller's. And while I couldn't find a recipe for it online and I suspect it's one of those closely guarded family recipes, I can at least share with you a picture of this wonderful creation.

This is one of those things that is more than the sum of its collective parts. It's a pie crust, pastry cream, fresh strawberries, glaze, and whipped cream. But when it all comes together, perfection.

We bought a whole pie to bring home with us and I enjoyed it every day that I was home. While we were there we got a slice of their chocolate haupia pie. Also quite good, but overshadowed that day by the strawberry pie.

Chocolate Haupia Pie - not the prettiest picture but still onolicious!


  1. yes, anna miller’s pies are awesome....especially the fresh strawberry. the one in california had a fresh peach pie too - so good!


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