Beef Bourguignon Shepherd's Pie

Moveable Feast: Elevated Casseroles

The theme for our last Moveable Feast was elevated casseroles - perfect for a cool fall day where all you crave is comfort food. After doing a little research I found a recipe by Daniel Boulud for Beef Bourguignon Shepherd's Pie which fit the theme perfectly. I mean, how could you go wrong with something from Daniel Boulud?

The recipe was relatively easy compared to other things I've attempted for Moveable Feast. I've made it again since our Feast and am planning to make it for my family this weekend.

The recipe starts with some really good cuts of beef marinated in red wine for three hours (what could be bad). The recipe calls for boneless rib eye. I ended up using a pound each of boneless rib eye and boneless short ribs.

While the meat marinated I prepped the vegetables - carrots, celery, parsnips, and onions as well as the potatoes for the mashed potato layer.

After marinating, I dried off then browned the beef, started the vegetables cooking, and reduced the red wine marinade. Instead of using beef broth I used veal demi-glace (the theme was elevated casseroles after all). I put everything in the pot along with a bouquet garni of herbs, peppercorns, and garlic and let everything braise for two hours.

While the filling braised, I made the mashed potato topping which contains a liberal amount of heavy cream and butter (yum) infused with thyme and garlic. Once constructed, the final touches were a grating of Gruyère and finishing it off in the oven.

The result was a bubbling dish of aromatic deliciousness. I highly recommend this recipe and it's one that I will make again and again.

You'll find the link to the recipe above, I'm including it here because sometimes I find the link won't work. I'm also adding my notes of what I've changed. Enjoy!