Farro Salad with Roasted Crimini Mushrooms, Arugula, and Parmesan

Recently I bought a bag of farro. I'd been interested in cooking with this grain and decided it was time. Unfortunately the bag sat for several weeks because I didn't have a clue what to make. After some research I found that common uses for farro include soups, salads, and quite a few recipes for farro risotto. Last weekend I tried two recipes, the salad was the success.

I made a modified version of a recipe I found on Food52, a really great food site. The recipe was developed by Merrill Stubbs. What's great about the recipe is it has good instructions for preparing the farro which is just what I needed as this was my first attempt at using the grain.

The only modifications I made to the recipe were to use crimini mushrooms instead of wild mushrooms, added the zest of the lemon, added arugula, and reduced the amount of olive oil by half. I think wild mushrooms would be fantastic in this dish and I'll use them the next time. It was easier for me to get crimini from my local super market. I also like the freshness of lemon zest and the bite of arugula and thought they'd both work well in the recipe.

One note about cleaning mushrooms. Over the years I've stopped using the method of cleaning mushrooms with a damp cloth. I find the practice time consuming and not very effective. I follow Jacques Pepin's method of rinsing mushrooms in a bowl of water - only just before cooking and shaking out excess water before use (I shake them out in a colander and blot them dry with a paper towel for good measure). Who am I to argue with the great master?

Although the salad tastes best at room temperature the day you make it, it kept well in the refrigerator and I had it for lunch several times this week.