Cinnamon Sugar Morning Buns

Updated October 2021

A few months ago I took a fantastic class from Sur La Table on how to make croissants - a more intensive process than I imagined but that's probably true for most French pastries. One of the things we learned we could make with the basic croissant dough is a cinnamon sugar morning bun - very similar to a cinnamon roll but flakier and less like a bread dough. This weekend I decided to experiment, bypassing the more labor intensive portions.

The shortcut I took was to purchase ready-made puff pastry, but not just any puff pastry. Recently I came across an all-butter puff pastry at Whole Foods. It was more expensive, obviously, and at the time I didn't realize that it was different from the frozen puff pastry I'd used in the past. However working with the dough and the results and taste I got using it made me look more closely at the packaging and that's when I discovered the difference. It hadn't occurred to me that puff pastry was anything but an all-butter recipe but for the mass market it probably cuts too deeply into the profit margin. I'm sure there are other companies that make an all-butter puff pastry but this is the one that I used:

With the difficult part out of the way, the rest was pretty standard.

Roll out the dough to an 18" x 14" rectangle about ¼" thick

Evenly sprinkle with a brown sugar-cinnamon mixture

Roll it up lengthwise

Cut into 12 pieces about 1½" wide

Place into a well-buttered muffin tin to rise

Roll in sugar when first removed from the oven

The main difference I found using this shortcut is the buns didn't rise in the same way our homemade ones did in class because of the lack of yeast. These were flaky but more dense. But as a time-saver, these turned out quite well and made for a nice weekend breakfast.


  1. Your dough does not rise using the prepared dough because puff pastry is not made with yeast. So you can skip that step using prepared Puff Pastry dough

    1. Thank you. Updating the recipe based on your tip.


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