Nigella Lawson's Peanut Butter Squares

Lately I've been revisiting recipes I made awhile ago. One of those recipes comes from my first Nigella Lawson cookbook, How to Be a Domestic Goddess. I remember when her first television program, Nigella Bites, started airing on the Style Channel. Being an Anglophile I was immediately intrigued but what I loved most was the way she'd effortlessly throw together meals for friends and families. She didn't seem pretentious or fussy and did things in a way that I wish I could. These Peanut Butter Squares are easy to make, intensely rich treats. The most difficult part is waiting for everything to set up in the fridge.

There is no actual baking required, barely any cooking really. The bottom layer is a mixture of peanut butter, sugars (brown and powdered), and butter pressed into the bottom of a pan. A mixture of milk and bittersweet chocolates and a bit of butter are melted together then poured over the top of the peanut butter layer. That's pretty much it - just waiting for everything to firm up before cutting and serving.

When I made them this time I used natural peanut butter (the type you store in the fridge) and I found it made the peanut butter layer less firm. It definitely seems to soften much more quickly than I remember. After cutting them into small squares - they are very rich so resist the urge to cut large pieces - I kept them in the fridge until just before serving.

To excuse my less-than-delicate abilities I often say that I make "rustic" things, especially desserts. However, I like the homemade look of these squares - the slightly uneven layers, the rough edges. Perfect or rustic, these squares are delicious!


  1. Jules! I didn't know you had this blog - how fabu?! I think these would also work with Earth Balance for those dairy free peeps out there. I'll try and let you know! Big hugs :)

  2. Jules!
    Love your blog. I think that doing these with Earth Balance for the dairy free peeps out there would work as well.

  3. These look so good!!!! Perfect for a little boy alergic to eggs:)


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