Favorite Movies About Food

I'm looking forward to Jon Favreau's latest project, Chef. So many favorite things all in one package - food, food trucks, food, Jon Favreau, food - well you get the idea.

I started thinking about other films where food was a central theme and came across several lists including this one on Epicurious listing the Top 10 Films About Food. I decided to pull together a list (in no particular order) of some of my favorite films about food (or that have a scene strongly connected to food).

Some of my favorite movies about food (in no particular order):

  1. Eat Drink Man Woman - the Sunday feast prepared at the start of the movie
  2. Tampopo - always makes me want a perfect bowl of ramen
  3. Like Water for Chocolate - those beautiful chiles en nogada
  4. Babette's Feast - preparation and presentation of a lavish feast
  5. Chocolat - yes the chocolate is decadent but I loved the camaraderie of the birthday dinner
  6. Antonia's Line - not a movie about food but I love the community that's built around the table
  7. Soul Food - Sunday dinner, Southern cooking, yummy
  8. Ratatouille - Pixar fun with a foodie twist
  9. Tortilla Soup - a lesser version of Eat Drink Man Woman but still fun
  10. GoodFellas - the description of cooking "gravy" and slicing the garlic with a razor blade
  11. Waitress - the sweet and funny names she came up for pies and the sweet song her mom would sing to her
  12. Last Holiday - ordering all the specials, cooking, delicious

Some movies I'd like to see (in addition to Chef):

  1. Big Night
  2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi