Healthy Morning Muffins

I went to bed early last night to the sound of rain hitting my windows. I love that sound. It's comforting when I'm snuggled in my bed. But for me, going to bed early means waking up early. My body doesn't understand the concept of sleeping in on weekends. Sigh. Since I was awake I decided to make a batch of my favorite muffin.

I love muffins but try not to eat them too often because they're so high in calories with limited nutritional value. Even Morning Glory Muffins - which are packed with fruit, nuts, even vegetables - seem healthy but are still pretty high in fat. And let's be honest, that's what makes them taste so good.

In order to enjoy muffins without feeling guilty I did some research and found this healthier version of the Morning Glory Muffin on the Mayo Clinic site. Using egg substitute/egg whites and applesauce helps to reduce the fat and calories.

When I make them for myself I don't usually use muffin tin liners but when I share them with others I think it makes for a prettier presentation.

These muffins freeze well so I'll make a batch, keep some out for the weekend and then, once cool, put the rest in the freezer. I'll take a couple out for breakfast, pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds or so, and they're perfect.

One of my favorite ways to eat them is with some peanut butter. It adds a little bit of protein and fills me up for the morning.