Chocolate Pots and Lemon Polenta Biscuits

I enjoy cooking for friends and often have grandiose ideas of menus for fancy dinner parties. But in the end I like cooking dishes that are delicious but simple. These chocolate pots and lemon polenta biscuits from Jamie Oliver are a perfect, elegant, and easy way to end a meal.

I first discovered these recipes years ago watching Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef. He always seemed to effortlessly pull together a dish. The ease is what got me to try these recipes, the taste makes them part of my go-to recipe collection. The chocolate pots are smooth and rich and pair well with the rustic, not-too-sweet polenta biscuits

Both of these recipes can be found in Jamie Oliver's cookbook, The Naked Chef Takes Off, as well as on the Food & Wine web site. I prefer the chocolate pots recipe found in the cookbook and the biscuit recipe on the F&W web site. The recipes are slightly different but either will turn out great results.

I made some minor changes. For the chocolate pots I vary the amount of brandy depending on who I'm serving. The amount of brandy called for in the recipe can be aggressive for some of my friends. For the biscuits I've taken to using lemon because I have a couple of friends who are allergic to oranges. Orange and chocolate are a classic combination but I find the lemon works well too.