Cooking My Books: A New Project

I have a slight obsession with cookbooks. I probably have more cookbooks than the average person, not as many as others. According to Eat Your Books, a site where I'm able to track my cookbooks and search through the indices for recipes, I have 135 cookbooks - and its collection doesn't contain all the books I own. I have books in my kitchen, in my living room, in my bedroom - anywhere I can find space to keep and display them.

My cookbook selections vary greatly based on cuisine, chef, or even cooking show. I often receive cookbooks as gifts from friends who know and understand my obsession. I have my go-to cookbooks with favorite recipes and others that I've looked through but have never tried a single recipe.

So I've decided that I'm going to cook my way through my collection. No, I'm not going to make every recipe in every cookbook. As a friend says, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" My plan is to make at least one new recipe from each cookbook. It has to be a new recipe, not something that I've made before and definitely not one of my go-to-recipes.

If I made at least one recipe a week it would take me over 2.5 years to cook my way through my books. I doubt I'll have the discipline to make something new each week so we'll have to see how long it will take. I'm excited about this project and it's time for me to make use of these books that I've collected over time. And in all likelihood I'll find new go-to-recipes and will be inspired to try things I never thought I would. Stay tuned as I share my progress...

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