Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Updated September 2021

Due to work and school schedules, when we visit Disney World it's often in the heat of summer. If anyone has experienced Disney World in the summer you know that you are in for hot, humid weather with daily thunder storms. One respite we found is the Mexico pavilion in Epcot. It is dark and air conditioned and best of all it houses the San Angel Inn Restaurante.

We always make a point of having a meal at San Angel Inn. In addition to the food we enjoy the sound of the water and the "volcano" and spend our time looking for the hidden Mickey in the vignette (we have never found it). One of the dishes we enjoy is the sopa azteca (traditional tortilla soup).

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

On one of our trips, years and years ago, we purchased the Cooking with Mickey Cookbook, Volume II and we were pleased to find it contained the recipe for sopa azteca. By the time we got around to making it we kind of forgot what it was like at the restaurant but we enjoyed the soup we made. Over the years we have modified the recipe significantly to suit our busy lives and have added shredded chicken to make it a complete meal.

To our surprise, when we returned to the San Angel Inn, the sopa azteca they serve is nothing like the recipe in the cookbook. Some Disney magic was clearly left out of the printed recipe. But in the end we love both versions of the soup - the one we get at Disney World and the one we make in our kitchen.

This post is dedicated to my sister who had to put up with me calling her from work asking her to make this soup for dinner - all the time. While it by no means resembles traditional tortilla soup, it is one of our family favorites. With a quick stop at the grocery store it can be easily pulled together in 20 minutes.

The only part of this soup that might take some planning is the avocado - unless you're very lucky and find a ripe one at your grocery store. But the rest of the ingredients are easy to pickup on the way home from work.

Feel free to modify the ingredients to your particular tastes. This is a very forgiving recipe.


  1. This sounds fabulous, thanks for sharing this recipe.



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