Corn Queso Fundido

This recipe is easy, tasty, and great for a crowd. I first made it for the Super Bowl and have made it a few times since. I've made a few minor adjustments but the original recipe really doesn't need much. I enjoy more spice and am still experimenting to find the right level of heat. Feel free to add or remove pepper and chile to suit your taste.

The recipe calls for a few ingredients, easy to find and prep.

Garlic, frozen corn, poblano chile, onion, Monterey Jack cheese

The "fussiest" part of the recipe is creating a corn puree with half of the frozen corn. This provides more body to the fundido.

Straining the corn puree

After a quick sauté, everything comes together beautifully.

You just need a little garnish and tortilla chips and you're ready to go. The recipe doesn't need much salt because of the salt in the cheese and the salt on the tortilla chips. And if you can find tortilla chips with a hint of lime I think those are the best. The lime adds a perfect little something.


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