Warm Black Bean Dip

Years ago (we're talking 20+ years) a friend shared this recipe with me. I think it came off the label of a can. It's been a reliable, go-to recipe and I haven't changed anything over the years. It's easy to pull together and more than likely I have the ingredients I need in my pantry and fridge.

The main seasoning comes from the salsa so make sure you use a flavorful one, or make your favorite recipe. I use the hot salsa from Green Mountain Gringo but any variety will do. I use about a cup of salsa. The original recipe just said "to taste" but I find you need a certain amount to create a good consistency.

Speaking of consistency, this is a chunky dip with a nice texture. But if you prefer a smoother dip, rather than processing the beans first, you could purée the entire mixture after it's cooked.

I've always served this dip warm. Since I've never had leftovers I'm not sure what it's like cold. I think I'd still want to heat it up a little.

If you're looking for an easy dip this summer, try this one. Enjoy!