Saltine Crack Candy

After more than a year off from writing I thought I'd ease back in with a super simple recipe that was a hit at my last Moveable Feast.

This recipe can be found all over the Internet under different names - Crack Candy, Saltine Toffee Candy, Saltine Cracker Candy, just to name a few. They use the same four ingredients in varying proportions - saltines, butter, brown sugar, chocolate.

You can customize your candy by adjusting the amount of caramel and chocolate you use. I found that I like a thinner layer of chocolate than what a lot of the recipes recommended. And you can also be creative with the toppings. I keep it simple and use chopped pecans and a little fleur de sel.

It's also easy to adjust the proportions of the recipe. I made a half recipe in a 9" x 9" pan for these photos.

Hot caramel poured over the saltines

Chocolate pieces laid over the bubbling hot caramel

Toppings layered on the chocolate

In a few simple steps you have a yummy treat to share with friends (or keep for yourself). Enjoy!