(My) Best of Boston - Part 1 - Celebrations

As I leave Boston, the home I've known for half my life, and return to Hawaii, my true home, I am dedicating the next several posts to some Boston and New England favorites.

Craigie on Main

Without a doubt, without hesitation, when someone asks me to name my favorite restaurant I say it's Craigie on Main. The food is wonderful, the cocktails are delicious, and equally as impressive is the front-of-the-house service. Craigie is known for two dishes, their burger and their roasted pig's head, but it is so much more. I would add their donut to that list. Unfortunately they aren't serving brunch anymore so there's no way to get that delicious donut that my dreams are made of...

The famous Craigie on Main burger. Only 18 burgers
made each night and only served in the bar.

The beautifully roasted pig's head -
crispy, delicate skin and juicy meat. Delicious! 

Only served at brunch, this is my favorite donut of all time!

Craigie on Main
853 Main Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Tasting Counter

Tasting Counter is the place to take a foodie for a special celebration. The experience encompasses a delicious tasting menu of seasonal dishes and drink pairings (wine, beer, sake, or housemade non-alcoholic beverages). While seated at a U-shaped counter you are able to watch the dishes being plated and interact with the chefs. It's really a very special experience.

Tasting Counter
14 Tyler Street
Somerville, MA 02143

Boston Chops

Located in a former bank, Boston Chops in the South End has the ambiance of a high-end steakhouse with the menu to match. Starting with their signature popovers and delicious starters like chicken fried sweetbreads, to traditional steaks and perfect steak frites, I've never had a bad meal. If you want something really indulgent then order the twice-baked, poutine-style baked "loaded" potato.

1375 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02118

That's just a start for my best of Boston. Several more posts to come. Stay tuned!

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