Everything Spiced Nuts

I have a confession to make - I hate everything bagels. I've never liked them and never will. So when a friend shared these everything spiced nuts with me, I was reluctant to try them. I have since found them to be delicious and addicting.

Everything spiced nuts

Seeing how much I enjoyed them, my friend shared the recipe with me. It's from a magazine the origins of which are long gone. The recipe itself was sparse on details but with some trial and error I modified the recipe to something that works for me.

Out of convenience I use Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend but you can find any number of recipes on the Internet on how to make a blend from scratch. They all have the same basic ingredients - sesame seeds (white, black or both), poppy seeds, minced dried onion, minced dried garlic, and salt.

The recipe didn't specify if raw or roasted nuts should be used. I assumed it meant raw nuts but since it's easier for me to get unsalted, roasted nuts I adjusted the baking time down accordingly. And while the seasoning mix had sea salt, I thought the recipe could use a bit more.

It's a very simple recipe and can be customized to your tastes. You could use only your favorite nuts instead of buying a pre-made mix. You could reduce the salt or add some cayenne to add a little heat.

I recently made a double batch for friends and it was gone within a matter of days. It's great as a gift or as a snack on the plane. Enjoy!


  1. Wow!!!!Absolutely an awesome snack😋😋😋


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