DoubleTree Signature Cookie

The undisputed winner of our Chocolate Chip Cookie Project is this gem from Hilton Hotels. While I've never had the opportunity to stay at a DoubleTree hotel and experience these cookies for myself I was told that these were authentic.

I wish I could tell you what made these cookies so special. In addition to the standard ingredients like flour, brown sugar, eggs, and chocolate chips this recipe has a hint of lemon juice (¼ teaspoon), a pinch of cinnamon, and some rolled oats. Are those enough to lift them to the top of the list? You'll have to decide.

These are also sizeable cookies at 3 tablespoons each - easily shareable if you are so inclined. I used a 2-ounce, size 16 cookie scoop which is closer to 4 tablespoons (¼ cup) to make portioning easier. I've been meaning to try smaller cookies to see if they will retain the same integrity as the large cookies. It will require a shorter baking time. If I figure it out I will be sure to update the recipe notes.