Curried Vegetable Dip

“Eat your vegetables” was a commonly heard phrase when I was growing up. I don’t remember outright refusing to eat something (did I have that option?) but there were times when it was a struggle to finish what was in front of me. I was a typical kid, veggies did not interest me. One way my mom got me to eat vegetables was by serving them with this dip.

Curried Vegetable Dip and Crudite

Carrots were my favorite raw vegetable to eat with this dip, probably because they are sweet. But in my adult years I enjoy most other veggies too – cucumbers, celery, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes. I suppose even asparagus would taste good but there’s very little anyone could do to get me to eat it.

Curried Vegetable Dip with Vegetables

A container of crudité already cut and ready in the refrigerator means an easy snack that keeps me, most times, away from the chips. Having said that, chips also taste good with this dip too. I recommend making this for your next party (when we’re allowed to have parties again). I think you and your guests will really enjoy it.

Curried Vegetable Dip