Furikake Salmon Tacos

Happy National Taco Day! To celebrate I decided to take a local Hawaii dish and make it a taco. (Note, local Hawaii food is not the same as Hawaiian food - people often get the terms mixed up. Check out this post from Onolicious Hawaii for an explanation.)

Furikake Salmon Tacos

What is furikake salmon?

Furikake salmon is made by layering nori furikake, sometimes mixed with a little panko for crunch, on a salmon fillet. It is baked and served with a sauce (teriyaki butter sauce, for example). Add a scoop or two of rice, an island staple, and you have a delicious meal. Best of all, you can get this as a plate lunch from many local eateries.

Furikake Salmon

What is a furikake salmon taco?

Fish tacos are nothing new. They originated in Baja and often feature fish that is batter-fried or grilled. For these tacos, salmon is baked with its furikake/panko topping. It is then flaked into bite-sized pieces, placed into a warm, soft tortilla with an Asian slaw. It is topped with a spicy mayo, some sesame seeds, and a squeeze of lime. There you have it, a tasty fusion known as the furikake salmon taco.

Furikake Salmon Tacos

Are there any shortcuts?

Salmon is pretty quick to cook but if you're in Hawaii, you could probably buy the salmon already prepared (save the rice for fried rice the next day). 

You can purchase premade slaw mix in the produce section of your grocery store. Add a bottle of your favorite Asian dressing to your basket and that's the slaw nearly made. You can even find bottles of sriracha mayonnaise.

As with many of my recipes, you don't have to follow this one to the letter. Make these tacos your own or make them with what you have. Experiment with flavors, like I do, to find a fusion that you like.

Happy Taco Day!