Whipped Feta and Ricotta Dip

We always have some form of cheese in our refrigerator - sliced cheese for sandwiches, string cheese and cheese wedges for snacking, and lots of other cheeses that sounded interesting and delicious. One of the ever-present cheeses you will find is feta. It is great crumbled in a salad or roasted with tomatoes (no, I'm not talking about the viral pandemic pasta recipe). And recently I found a new way to celebrate feta.

Whipped Feta and Ricotta Dip with Roasted Carrots

Feta + ricotta = delicious dip

When I found some leftover ricotta in the fridge I had a dilemma. There wasn't enough to bake a lemon ricotta cake or almond ricotta cookies. But I hate wasting food so I decided to "whip" together this dip (you see what I did there). I pulled out some feta, went out to the garden to snip some dill and parsley, grabbed a few garlic cloves and olive oil from the pantry, et voilà I had a simple whipped feta and ricotta dip.

A perfect foil for roasted vegetables

To add some color (and use up some vegetables) I roasted cherry and grape tomatoes as well as baby carrots. We ate the roasted carrots and dip one night as a starter. Later in the week we had the roasted tomatoes and dip on sourdough toast. Truth be told I would eat the dip on its own when no one was looking.

Whipped Feta and Ricotta Dip with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Waste not, want not

As I mentioned before, I hate wasting food and pulling these ingredients together was easy. If I didn't have to use up ricotta, I could have used Greek yogurt. If I didn't have dill, thyme or any other soft herb would have worked. The one thing I wouldn't change is the feta. It has a salty, briny taste that gives flavor to this dip.

On toasted with roasted tomatoes