Ginger Cookies

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Like its cousin the gingerbread man, ginger cookies have all the flavors and scents of the holidays without the added work of rolling and cutting out cookies. In fact, the original recipe doesn't require refrigeration prior to baking - the cookie goes straight from the mixer, into the oven. The result, for the most part (see notes on baking in the tropics), is a lovely thin, crispy cookie full of holiday ginger goodness.

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Ginger Cookies

A classic recipe steeped in history

I found this recipe over 25 years ago on a USENET bulletin board (anyone old enough to remember those?). Up until then I never heard of The Settlement Cookbook. Originally published in 1901 with a tagline of The Way to a Man's Heart, this cookbook has a fascinating history and is beloved by many. I didn't know this when I downloaded the recipe, I was drawn to its simplicity.

After years of making this cookie, it is a part of my holiday tradition and goes to show there's a reason this cookie is a classic.

Ginger cookies on cooling rack

Humidity strikes again

The name of this recipe is Ginger Cookies - not Ginger Snaps or Ginger Chews. Perhaps it's the brilliance of the original recipe author, knowing that the results may differ depending on the climate. Since returning to Hawaii I've found that this is one of the recipes that is greatly affected by the humidity. Whenever I made these cookies in Boston, they were crisp. In Hawaii, the cookies are chewy with a bit of crispness. In the recipe I share some tips for counteracting the humidity of the tropics to achieve crispness.

Crispy or chewy, this recipe remains a part of my holiday repertoire and the results are well-loved by friends and family.

Bake A Difference

During this holiday season, share the cookie love. Post your cookie pictures on social media and tag @OXO and @Cookies4kids and use #OXOGoodCookies. For every cookie post, the good folks at OXO will donate $1 - up to $100,000 - to Cookies for Kids' Cancer.

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Ginger Cookies