Easy Mint Brownies

Over the holidays I needed an easy dessert to take to a gathering and came across this Mint Brownies recipe from Taste of Home. It makes a fantastic dessert and can barely be called a recipe. It uses a boxed brownie mix that, once baked, has melted Andes mints on top, creating a thin layer of chocolaty, minty frosting. Decorated with some crushed peppermint candies they were both festive and delicious.

Easy Mint Brownies

Just add sprinkles

These brownies are so good, I didn't want to relegate them to the Christmas holidays. With St. Patrick's Day coming up, I had my excuse to make them again. All I did was switch up the peppermint candies for green sprinkles - oh the joy of sprinkles to make everything feel like a party. I may not have Molly Yeh's enthusiasm for sprinkles but I have a healthy appreciation for how they can turn the ordinary to the celebratory.

Even though I don't need a holiday as an excuse to make these brownies, it is fun to think of the decorative variations - Mini Cadbury Eggs for Easter; red, white, and blue star-shaped sprinkles for the 4th of July; orange and black sprinkles for Halloween. I look forward to the possibilities.

Easy Mint Brownies

A few tips

With so few ingredients, use the best brownie mix you can find. We really like Ghirardelli brownie mixes. 

The recipe uses classic Andes Creme de Menthe mints, but I have also used Peppermint Crunch. I look forward to trying other varieties but the only one I won't try is Cherry Jubilee (it's a personal preference but let me know if you try it and like it).

Don't get hung up on the decorations - if you aren't into sprinkles, just chop up a few extra Andes mints and sprinkle them on top of the cooled brownies. Or don't decorate them at all.

Whatever you do, just make these brownies!

Easy Mint Brownies