Homemade Guri Guri

Guri guri is a popular frozen treat found on the island of Maui. With its soft and slightly icy fruitiness, guri guri is a cross between sherbet and ice cream. It is a cold treat that is completely satisfying on a hot Hawaii day.

Homemade Guri Guri

Where can I find guri guri?

The original (and only) guri guri shop is Tasaka Guri Guri on Maui. It is a family-owned shop that has existed for over a century. The guri guri usually comes in two flavors - pineapple and strawberry - although occasionally they make limited edition flavors like lilikoi.

Guri guri is one of the OG omiyage from Maui.

Homemade Guri Guri

A Japanese tradition adopted by Hawaii locals

Omiyage translates as "souvenir" but as practiced in Hawaii it means to bring back gifts for family, friends, or coworkers. These gifts are often local or regional food specialties, things that can only be found on a specific island.

If you travel interisland, you will often see local residents carrying some type of food item as a carryon. This can be manapua from Oahu or manju from Maui. And, although it's not a "local" product, people often carry boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts from the sole Hawaii location on Maui.

Guri guri is one of those products only found on Maui and is often carried to a neighbor island. You can order quarts of guri guri to take with you on the airplane and the shop will pack it in insulated bags, ready for travel.

Homemade Guri Guri

If you can't fly to Maui ...

Since a quick trip to another island is not practical, making guri guri at home is the answer. It's not exactly like what you would get at Tasaka - how can you beat a family recipe and over a century of experience - but it's a reasonable substitute to satisfy your craving. It's a cool, fruity treat to help you cool off on a hot Hawaii day.