Guacamole Salad

I am known as a collector of cookbooks. While I try to resist and even glean my collection from time to time, I find myself constantly adding new volumes. On a visit, many years ago, my friends wanted to cook a meal as a thank you for hosting them in my home. They headed to my vast collection and selected random recipes that they wanted to make. This recipe for Guacamole Salad comes from Ina Garten's Barefoot at Home. It has since become a regular part of my repertoire.

Guacamole salad

The flavors of guacamole in a salad

This recipe pulls together the flavors of guacamole and serves it up as a colorful, chunky salad. It's dressed with a mildly spicy, lime vinaigrette. With the addition of the black beans, it works well as a meal with a few corn chips on the side. Or you could serve it as a side as part of a Tex-Mex dinner.

Guacamole salad

A few optional additions

The original recipe is great but here are some other ingredients I sometimes add:

  • If you like cilantro, a handful chopped adds a great herby freshness.
  • A sprinkling of Tajin before serving bumps up the citrus and adds a bit more spiciness.
  • A cup of defrosted frozen corn bumps up the Tex-Mex flavor. If you can find fire-roasted corn, even better.