No-Churn Ube Ice Cream

I love all things ube. I don't know if it's the brilliant and intense purple color or the subtle, hard to describe flavor. It's probably both.  Ube is popular in Hawaii and a favorite way of preparing it is to make an ube ice cream or soft serve. With my love of no-churn ice creams well documented, I started thinking about how to make ube ice cream at home.

No-churn ube ice cream

Bring on the ube sweetened condensed milk

Not long ago I wrote about my discovery of ube sweetened condensed milk. This product is making me rethink a number of traditional recipes like this version of banana pudding. Since sweetened condensed milk is a major component of the no-churn ice cream formula, swapping it with its ube sister was all that needed to be done.

No-churn ube ice cream

Other substitutions

The only thing that needed to be considered was the type of alcohol to use in the ice cream. Alcohol gives the no-churn ice cream a softer consistency and can also enhance the flavor - e.g., using Malibu rum in coconut no-churn ice cream or Kahlua in coffee no-churn ice cream. As no ube liqueur exists (that I'm aware of), I chose to use vodka. But using Malibu rum would also fit with the tropical theme.

If you can't find ube sweetened condensed milk, then use the traditional variety and add some ube extract (you can order it online). You will need to do some experimenting to get the right flavor and color.

No-churn ube ice cream