Biscoff Tiffin

Earlier this year I shared my first attempt at making tiffin. This type of dessert/snack is new to me and I was pleased with the feedback I received. I was encouraged to try new varieties. Using Nadiya Hussain's recipe for inspiration, I started thinking about replacing the core ingredients from the original recipe.

Biscoff tiffin

Finding the perfect replacements

I started looking for a replacement for the graham crackers. I started with store bought cookies like Lorna Doones. I even considered Nutter Butters and Oreos. And then I had the perfect solution - Biscoff cookies. Also known as airplane cookies in the United States for their popularity as an in-flight snack, Biscoff cookies are crunchy, buttery, spice-filled cookies, similar to gingerbread. Following its popularity as individually packaged snacks, they are also sold in larger quantities and can be found in most grocery stores.

Biscoff biscuits and spread

Once the cookies were selected, the peanut butter replacement fell into place - Biscoff spread, of course. If you're fortunate enough to have a Trader Joe's nearby, you could use smooth or crunchy Cookie Butter.

And finally, instead of using dried cranberries, I opted instead for golden raisins (regular raisins would work just as well).

Toppings and decorations

I kept the decorations simple, but you can use whatever toppings you fancy. In this recipe I used extra Biscoff biscuits, Rolo candies (cut in half), and some white and semi-sweet chocolate chips. You could add sprinkles for festive color, wafer cookies, or colorful candy-coated chocolates too.

One thing that is necessary is the sprinkling of salt over the top. I use sea salt. The salt balances the richness of the tiffin - but don't overdo it.

Biscoff tiffin

Serving and storage

As written, the recipe makes 16 squares. Due to the richness, you may choose to cut the squares in half into batons to make 32 smaller portions. I line the tiffin on a serving tray, sometimes putting each portion into a paper cupcake liner to make it easier to grab.

In Hawaii, especially in the summer, I store the tiffin in the refrigerator. In cooler climates you should be able to keep it in an airtight storage container on the counter. I don't find that tiffin lasts for long in the house, but it should keep for up to a week.

Biscoff tiffin