Tofu Salad

Cold tofu makes a refreshing meal in the summer. In its most simple form, a dish of tofu only needs a drizzle of soy sauce and sesame oil. This recipe takes cold tofu to the next level, adding veggies and tuna for a satisfying summer salad.

Tofu salad

An unusual but popular salad

The ingredients for this salad may sound like an odd combination but together they create a balanced dish – creamy and cold tofu, crispy cucumbers, juicy tomatoes, slightly bitter watercress, and salty-savory tuna. Everything is topped with a garlic-soy dressing. It makes the most of farm-fresh ingredients supplemented with a few pantry staples.

This salad is popular in Hawaii. The only cooking required is a couple of minutes to warm the oil and infuse the garlic to make the dressing. Other than that, it’s a matter of chopping and assembling – who doesn’t like an easy summer meal?

Tofu salad

Potlucks and meal prep

This salad holds up well and can be prepared in advance. Whether it's a double recipe for a family potluck or meal prep for the week, prepare all your salad ingredients but keep the dressing separate. Spoon on the dressing right before serving.

Tofu salad with taegu
Tofu salad topped with taegu, packed for lunch

Additions and substitutions

  • Don’t like watercress? Substitute baby spinach or leave it off entirely.
  • Want more veggies? Layer in a couple of handfuls of bean sprouts or some thinly sliced onions.
  • Want more flavor and texture? Add taegu (Korean seasoned dried codfish and my favorite addition), takuan (Japanese pickled daikon), or kamaboko (Japanese fishcake).
  • Need an extra flavor kick? Add some fresh grated ginger to the dressing.

Tofu salad